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It’s easier to sell a property if you get a reliable listing service. This way buyers can more quickly see your home, thus eliminating the need for hard sell. Before you put up your property among the many homes for sale, however, there are a few important things you should keep in mind.

Get the documents straight

Before you even think of advertising a sale, secure all the pertinent documents that your Realtor and potential buyers will need. Inspect the deed for any encumbrances that might keep the sale from going smoothly—you might be surprised how many people discover certain issues with their home’s title only when they’re about to sell it, thereby resulting in major delays.

Identify the fair market value

Get an estimate of how much you can earn for your house by having its fair market value assessed. This is an estimated cost based on similar homes in your area, since location and home type are two of the most important contributors to price. Of course, other factors still might raise or lower your property’s value.

Get your home listed by a leading Realtor

Buyers are likely to come running to reputable companies with comprehensive listing services, so it should be beneficial for you to have your home listed by a leading Realtor. This is only the first step, however, when selling your house, since you will then have to work on convincing would-be buyers that your house is actually worth what you’re asking for.