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If you’re looking for a place to live in the Vancouver area, you should consider placing Yaletown at the top of your list. Originally an industrial district and a major railway stop, Yaletown is currently one of busiest places in Vancouver, after seeing an influx of more than 40,000 new residents for the last ten years. Most of the residential properties found in this neighbourhood are apartments and condos, which makes it more appealing to singles and high-paying professionals than large families. One thing that most people first notice about Yaletown is that the place is dotted with trendy boutiques, bars, restaurants, galleries, and night spots, especially those around Hamilton and Mainland Streets.

This alone could be enough incentive for new residents to look for Yaletown condos for sale rather than townhouses. Aside from easy access to the district’s best hangouts and attractions, most condos in the area are quite accessible by Community Shuttle, Canada Line, SkyTrain System, and other forms of public transportation. There is also the simple fact that condos provide greater safety and comfort than single-unit homes.

That said, things are likely to heat up around Yaletown and other places in Vancouver as more people move to the city. If sales continue to rise, there’s a chance that property developers will be forced to up their prices as well, which further increases the cost of living in Vancouver. Whether this should be treated as a good thing or bad thing remains to be seen.