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For real estate agents, having a niche is similar to doctors having a. While most real estate agents work to handle multiple types of house sales and real estate, there are some who work to manage one particular type of real estate. For some realtors and agents, luxury homes is one niche they can focus on.

Luxury homes are usually the most expensive homes on the market, commonly bearing prices within the million-dollar range. These extravagant homes with above-average amenities usually involve high commission rates for listing agents. However, this extremely profitable aspect of real estate sale also comes with challenges.

Marketing alone is a very difficult job for a luxury real estate agent as he or she needs to monitor every single detail needed for an effective staging of the house. Some house sellers would even demand that the staging be over the top, and the maintenance process be very well-regulated. Those who look into buying luxury homes will certainly look down on those with obvious flaws.

Another hurdle related to selling luxury homes is the turnover process in that it typically takes a long time. One must remember that a luxury home is worth millions of dollars, prompting buyers to be overly cautious when purchasing. The payout for luxury real estate agents is high, but it does come with a lot of effort.