“Buying a good home is one of the most important financial investments that most people work hard for to achieve, and your home will likely become a major financial obligation that you’ll be paying off for years to come. While home ownership can be an exciting prospect for a first-time homebuyer, remember that you should never rush into making a purchase, lest you end up carrying the enormous burden of a bad deal throughout your entire mortgage period.

A home for sale in Canada’s Terminal City, for instance, might be in an excellent neighborhood and comes in a style that pulls at your heartstrings – something that gets you hyped up and ready to hunt for a mortgage lender. However, after closing the deal, you find out too late that the house is riddled with flaws, maybe a leaking roof, foundation problems, or bad siding. Hence, to avoid this predicament, an article from MSN Money by Liz Weston, highlights the following considerations that you have to keep in mind when looking at affo